E-Cigarette Versus Regular Cigarettes

As of late, e-cigarettes are emerging everywhere these days. Marketed as cheaper and healthier alternative to regular cigarettes, more and more people are turning to these for a number of reasons. With the soaring cost of cigarettes these days, smoking has become a fairly expensive addiction, especially for those who smoke a pack a day. Also, with the growing campaign towards educating the public about the hazards of smoking cigarettes, more and more people are looking for healthier options to satisfy their nicotine addiction. Perhaps the most noticeable aspect of this campaign is the appearance of the now mandatory surgeon general’s warning, which is required by law to be placed on each and every cigarette carton. The e-cigarette on the other hand is designed to eliminate the health hazards associated with smoking.
An e-cigarette is a battery powered device which is often reusable and imitates the act of smoking an actual cigarette. The user still inhales a mist containing the nicotine, flavor, and feeling of a cigarette. But at the same time, the user will not inhale the tar or any other hazardous products contained within cigarettes. This is because the actual product being smoked is actually a liquid comprised of nicotine and either glycerin or propylene glycol. This liquid is heated up into a vapor and inhaled, thus imitating the action of smoking. When the liquid runs out, all one has to do is either refill it or replace it with another prefilled cartridge. Instead of buying an entire carton of cigarettes, the user can keep using the same e-cigarette while refilling or replacing the cartridge as needed. A current model of e-cigarette currently on the market is the eGo-T. Here is an eGo-T Test.
The ego-t starts at about $80 but quickly pays for itself when compared with the cost of regular cigarettes. The average monthly cost of using an e-cigarette is $32.93 versus $125 for regular cigarettes. Using the eGo-t, the design allows for the best possible airflow into the mouth. Thus, the user will not encounter a burnt taste while smoking. In fact, many users describe the taste as being “down right amazing”. The eGo-T will also not leak or gurgle while in use. In addition, the battery will last throughout the entire day. And even when they run out, the charging time is relatively short. Another benefit in favor of the eGo-T is its sleek look. Not only does the eGo-t pack a great vapor, but it looks stylish at the same time.
With the rising number of e-cigarette users, the future can only see this number rise. Judging by customer reviews of the eGo-T, it is no wonder why. E-Cigarettes incorporate the same feeling as regular cigarettes do, minus the skyrocketing price and health risks. Though the initial price of an e-cigarette is higher than the price of a carton of regular cigarettes, the e-cigarette will pay for itself before you know it. And, in contrast with regular cigarettes, you won’t be staring at a surgeon general’s warning every time you want to go for a smoke.

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